MSc Research Project and Topic

For Master's students in the Faculty of Biology:

Syllabus for the courses "Research Project" 1 and 2 (138060 and 38061):

Research project on a specific topic in life sciences. The project involves the study of advanced laboratory methods, planning of experiments and preparation of a scientific report.


The student writes a concise progress report (up to 5 pages, excluding references), that contains the following sections:

·         Introduction

·         Aims of the project

·         Material and Methods

·         Results

·         Discussion

·         References

Deadline for submission:

Research Project 1 – End of 1st semester  - by the last day of the exams ("Moed A").

Research Project 2 - End of 2nd  semester  - by the last day of the exams ("Moed A").


After the report has been evaluated by the PI, the student submits the report to the Graduate student secretary (Shani Shnitzer).


Note: "Research Project 2" should include the progress made since submission of "Research Project 1" (i.e. of the second semester only)


Suggestion of a Research Topic for MSc:

A short abstract (1 page) of the research proposal is submitted to Shani Shnitzer, together with a corresponding form, found in the following link:

Deadline for submission: within the first two semesters since start of the MSc program.