Admon Arie, Professor

Position:  Head of the The Smoler Proteomics Center at the Technion.
Phone:  (972)-4-8293407
Fax:  (972)-4-8225153

Building/Auditory:  Emerson 3-26

Research Interest:

Smoler Proteomics Center. Prof. A. Admon heads the Smoler Proteomics Center at the Faculty of Biology, Technion. The Smoler Proteomics Center gained national recognition and has been expanded into a National "open" Center for proteomics. The main thrust of the Smoler Proteomics Center is of microanalysis of protein and peptides on a large scale, now known as proteomics analysis. Main instruments are: two ESI-Orbitraps and one Q-TOF mass specrometers, HPLCs, 1D, 2D electrophoresis.
Tumor specific HLA peptides. Direct biochemical analysis of cancer cell HLA peptides presented on human cancer cells. We perform direct analysis by LC-mass-spectrometry of human cancer HLA class I peptides antigens in order to develop anti-cancer vaccine for human immunotherapy and for development of new diagnostics tools for cancer. The main focus are peptides specific for small cell lung cancer, ovarian, breast and prostate cancers. The analysis is based either on the use of soluble HLA secreted from cancer cells following their transfection with expression vectors for the extra cellular part of the MHC molecules, by analysis of the membranal HLA molecules after detergent solubilization of the cells and by analysis of the peptide bound to the soluble HLA molecules present in the plasma of people. The plasma soluble HLA molecules provide the authenitc reprtoire of HLA peptides as presented by the cells in the body and therefore constitute a very useful source for disease biomarkers.

Pep-Miner, a new protein identification and comparison bioinformatics platform developed at the IBM Haifa Research Laboratory by Mr. Ilan Beer.