Areas of Research: Ecology,

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Professor Zeev Arad
Phone:  (972)-4-8293416

Fax:  (972)-4-8225153

Building/Auditory:  512

Interests:  Comparative Animal Physiology, Ecophysiology, Poultry Science
Areas of Research:  Cell Biology, Ecology, Physiology, Zoology
Professor Oded Beja
Phone:  +972-4-8293961

Fax:  +972-4-8225153

Building/Auditory:  5-22 Emerson

Interests:  Molecular Marine Microbiology, Environmental Genomics (Ecogenomics) Ecological Diversity of Proteorhodopsins.
Areas of Research:  Ecology, Genomics, Microbiology,
Marilyn and Henry Taub Professor of Life Sciences Roy Kishony

Building/Auditory:  Emerson Building Room 4-33

Associate Professor Debbie Lindell
Phone:  (972)-4-8295831 (office) 8293455 (lab)

Fax:  (972)-77-8871904

Building/Auditory:  5-31 Emerson

Interests:  Host-Virus Interactions in the Marine Cyanobacteria: Ecology, Physiology and Genome Evolution
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