Areas of Research: Biotechnology,

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Professor Emeritus Shimon  Gepstein
Phone:  (972)-4-8293856

Building/Auditory:  Biology 402

Interests:  Plant Physiology & Development, Gene Regulation, Senescence
Assistant Professor David Meiri
Phone:  +972-77-8871680/1

Building/Auditory:  Biology 401

 Professor  Dina Ron
Phone:  (972)-4-8294217

Building/Auditory:  447

Interests:  Cell to Cell Communication; Mechanism of Tumor Suppression; Cell and Systems Biology
Professor Gadi  Schuster
Phone:  (972)-4-8293171

Building/Auditory:  207

Interests:  RNA Metabolism. RNA polyadenylation. Gene expression in chloroplast and mitochondria
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